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SoilWatch empowers ecosystem restoration and food system transformation with transparent and science-based evidence throughout the project cycle.

What we do

Simplified access to environmental data for ecosystem restoration and sustainable livelihoods

We provide you with the data and science you need throughout the project cycle, from selecting your project areas and activities, creating your proposal or business case, designing Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV)/Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL)  systems,  and monitoring and reporting on your project’s carbon, ecosystem, and socio-economic impact.

Why us

Ensure High Integrity for your Nature-based Solutions Projects

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) projects are complicated with a multitude of environmental, social, and financial considerations. Success will only be reached for land-based livelihoods when all three are in harmony. Failure can do active harm to the environment as well as the communities living within them. 

Our interdisciplinary team can support you with all of these to be able to reach and evidence success.

Our Core Values

Scientific rigour

We stand on the shoulder of giants, the countless researchers who have developed the best ways for measurements. As our partner, you will receive results that are based on the best available science, knowing that you can make your impact statements with confidence.


Money should go into making changes in land use and livelihoods, not over-engineered solutions that aren’t necessary to achieve this. While many technological solutions sound sexy, the vast majority in effect take money away from communities.


We have no proprietary models. We do not believe in patented black box solutions that cannot be evaluated, explained, nor reproduced. Because our results are grounded in peer-reviewed science and open data, we can build trust through openness rather than blind faith.


Data needs to become information and information evidence. This process cannot be done purely remotely with just tech. The backgrounds of our interdisciplinary team with decades of combined experience in the field ensure environmental data becomes integrated into your wider monitoring system

Key Services

Project Design Support

Improve your ability to fundraise and set your project up for success!

Use evidence to guide your decision-making on project areas and activities, ensure compliance with funding criteria (for example, alignment with environmental standards and Core Carbon Principles), and make informed projections of project impacts.

Ongoing Monitoring

A good monitoring system is the basis for good project management and derisking! 

We can provide a transparent and easily accessible tool for monitoring your project’s progress, whether environmental or socio-economic. Be the first to know if your projects are having issues and learn from your successes and failures.

Impact Verification

Being able to demonstrate your impact is vital for your ability to learn and fundraise!

We help you account for and report real CO2 removal per hectare, along with many other environmental and socio-economic indicators. If certified carbon credits are desired, meet and go beyond the highest tiers required by Verra, Gold Standard, Plan Vivo, Social Carbon and others with industry leading transparency and rigour.  We ensure the Business-as-Usual and Intervention Scenarios are credible, and re-adjust them continuously to guarantee their representativeness

A Platform to show the world your project leads by example

An API to query project areas for specific MRV need

Decide which functionalities are useful for your project, and we help you integrate them into your own system

Scientific modules are open-sourced and documented to encourage scrutiny, interpretability and reproducibility

Our Partners and Clients

Scale your Ecosystem Restoration Activities with our Digital MRV Solution

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